The Striped Shirt

So I’ve decided to give you just some of the many benefits that come with all kinds of striped shirts.


The first one is, that a basic-based outfit can look way more interesting when you switch a normal white-tee with a black&white striped top. You may take a pair of black skinny jeans or blue jeans and add flat shoes like converse chucks, vans or ballets. the whole outfit would look just good with a simple white t-shirt as a top but if you look for something eye catching, the striped option may be a better opportunity.


Next comes the fact, that ,as said before, the striped top is a very basic thing but it’s also eye catching. The benefit of it is, that it never ever will be too much but also never be too less. No one can complain about a t-shirt sweater or top in white with black stripes for being inappropriate , overdressed or too risky. But when you have a look on the other side, no one can tell that it isn’t fashionable because stripes are having a big comeback (though they never really were away anyways).


Further, stripes can be combined in so many ways! You can wear them with boyfriend jeans or ripped blue jeans to make them look casual but also you can take a pair of skinny black trousers and a blazer to make them look more classy. If you switch the blazer with a leather jacket it has more of a rocky and wild look. Also there is the option to combine the striped top with a basic black skirt, no matter if it’s tight , an a-line, flared, long or short. In summer almost every kind of short trousers will look good when paired with stripes.


And last but not least, there are so many companies that sell striped shirts. From very affordable stores like h&m over Zara and Urban Outfitters until it comes to designer brands like Coco Chanel,  one can find it everywhere. the amazing striped version of a white t-shirt.


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