Hello there !

So first of all, i’m going to introduce myself.

I’m starting with some basic information. My name is Sina and i come from Nuremberg in the middle of the German state Bavaria! At the moment, the only work i do is homework, because I am still visiting a German high school.

Now it’s time to tell you some more private things and stuff. I would describe myself as a person who never wishes anything bad for others. I believe in karma a lot! If i had the chance to say something, that the whole world could hear i would probably choose the sentence: „Stress is caused by giving a f*ck.“ just because it totally defines how I think. Most of the time I try to stay calm when something gets in my way and just wait until the things just solve themselves. That does not mean that i don’t care about anything but I have faith in life and somehow i just know that some things are good as they are and that everything works out for everyone in the end.

So lastly I’m going to explain why I decided to start a blog. As a child, I was this kind of girl that plays with tons of Barbies and dolls and never gets bored of dressing them, undressing them, and dressing them again and again. I just somehow liked to see how a lifeless doll could seem like it had a real personality just by dressing it a certain way. Discovering, that clothes have a big influence on how we appear to our environment, I got more and more interested in style and fashion. Now I love to do researches on the web to learn something new about actual trends and brands. As I thought about how I could collect all the results of my researches, I had the idea of starting a blog. This idea pleased me better and better because I also like writing and I can improve my English. So here I am, about to start a blog about all kinds of fashion !

Xoxo, Sina.

P.s.: You can always message me if you find any huge grammar mistakes ! English is not my mother language and although i’ve got good grades in English class it’s not perfect at all and I am always open for constructive criticism!


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