The Striped Shirt

So I’ve decided to give you just some of the many benefits that come with all kinds of striped shirts.


The first one is, that a basic-based outfit can look way more interesting when you switch a normal white-tee with a black&white striped top. You may take a pair of black skinny jeans or blue jeans and add flat shoes like converse chucks, vans or ballets. the whole outfit would look just good with a simple white t-shirt as a top but if you look for something eye catching, the striped option may be a better opportunity.


Next comes the fact, that ,as said before, the striped top is a very basic thing but it’s also eye catching. The benefit of it is, that it never ever will be too much but also never be too less. No one can complain about a t-shirt sweater or top in white with black stripes for being inappropriate , overdressed or too risky. But when you have a look on the other side, no one can tell that it isn’t fashionable because stripes are having a big comeback (though they never really were away anyways).


Further, stripes can be combined in so many ways! You can wear them with boyfriend jeans or ripped blue jeans to make them look casual but also you can take a pair of skinny black trousers and a blazer to make them look more classy. If you switch the blazer with a leather jacket it has more of a rocky and wild look. Also there is the option to combine the striped top with a basic black skirt, no matter if it’s tight , an a-line, flared, long or short. In summer almost every kind of short trousers will look good when paired with stripes.


And last but not least, there are so many companies that sell striped shirts. From very affordable stores like h&m over Zara and Urban Outfitters until it comes to designer brands like Coco Chanel,  one can find it everywhere. the amazing striped version of a white t-shirt.


Chic and casual – Blue Boyfriend Jeans

Le-Fashion-Blog-Summer-Uniform-Black-Tee-Boyfriend-Jeans-Via-Sarahlinneea-Side black-divider

It’s easy to describe what’s so incredibly amazing about the boyfriend jeans. It can be worn chic AND casual. But the most imprtant fact: It’s just so comfortable!
It seems to be one of the hugest trends 2015.

This is just a collection of different inspirational looks. You can totally rock
that blue piece of fabric! – And stay true to your style.



Kylie Jenner:
Casual. Ripped version combined with
chosen accessoires in the right spot.

Kylie Jenner Out For Lunch At Urth Caffe


Selena Gomez:
Also pretty casual but combined with a
classic red lip, high heels in black and a blazer.



Jessica Alba:
This is a chic option. Paired with a basic white blouse and a handbag matching  the flat shoes. Sunglasses finish the look.


So it’s pretty clear now that the bf jeans can definitely be worn to any
event from having dinner to just meeting people downtown.
I love it.

Hello there !

So first of all, i’m going to introduce myself.

I’m starting with some basic information. My name is Sina and i come from Nuremberg in the middle of the German state Bavaria! At the moment, the only work i do is homework, because I am still visiting a German high school.

Now it’s time to tell you some more private things and stuff. I would describe myself as a person who never wishes anything bad for others. I believe in karma a lot! If i had the chance to say something, that the whole world could hear i would probably choose the sentence: „Stress is caused by giving a f*ck.“ just because it totally defines how I think. Most of the time I try to stay calm when something gets in my way and just wait until the things just solve themselves. That does not mean that i don’t care about anything but I have faith in life and somehow i just know that some things are good as they are and that everything works out for everyone in the end.

So lastly I’m going to explain why I decided to start a blog. As a child, I was this kind of girl that plays with tons of Barbies and dolls and never gets bored of dressing them, undressing them, and dressing them again and again. I just somehow liked to see how a lifeless doll could seem like it had a real personality just by dressing it a certain way. Discovering, that clothes have a big influence on how we appear to our environment, I got more and more interested in style and fashion. Now I love to do researches on the web to learn something new about actual trends and brands. As I thought about how I could collect all the results of my researches, I had the idea of starting a blog. This idea pleased me better and better because I also like writing and I can improve my English. So here I am, about to start a blog about all kinds of fashion !

Xoxo, Sina.

P.s.: You can always message me if you find any huge grammar mistakes ! English is not my mother language and although i’ve got good grades in English class it’s not perfect at all and I am always open for constructive criticism!